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Our Work – Case Studies

Here you can read about all our case studies. Scroll down to read our ‘testimonials’ and what others have said about our work.

Case Study – Object detection and debris clearance

Detection of small objects and debris are very important when conducting surveys in support of Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC™) and harbour safety where every centimetre counts. Objects not only have the risk of puncturing hulls but also blocking intakes[...]

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Case Study – Dredging

When we think of ‘infrastructure’ we generally think of structures such as roads, buildings, bridges, tunnels and so forth. Ports may be considered within this infrastructure, but it is likely many only consider the structures above sea level. However, there[...]

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Case Study – PHS’ close encounter with Humpback whale

We have recently completed a hydrographic survey campaign in a number of Western Australian ports. This campaign was in support of dredging, Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC ™) and general navigational safety where decimetre bathymetry was critical to both navigational[...]

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Case Study – Pilbara Ports Authority

Precision Hydrographic Services have been conducting high accuracy hydrographic survey operations in Port Hedland over the last few years with Jan De Nul dredging and Pilbara Ports Authority. Surveys have been conducted to the highest standard to increase safety of[...]

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  • Frans Schlack

    The Pilbara Ports Authority is grateful for the quality and ‘ease of service’ Precision Hydrographic Services provides which has instilled confidence in their work and the PPA has no hesitation recommending Precision Hydrographic Services to any prospective client.

    Frans Schlack, Dredging Manager at Pilbara Ports Authority
  • David Donohue

    To Neil and his team we could not have undertaken this project without your continued support. You have fitted in seamlessly with our team and crew. Our guys thoroughly enjoy working with you and your personnel and I hope you appreciate that you were integral to the success of this project. I appreciate that many hours were spent surveying in very average conditions when a combination of tiredness and seasickness would have made it mentally and physically challenging. Please pass on our sincere appreciation to all of your team.

    David Donohue, Managing Director at IXSURVEY Australia Pty Ltd
  • David Miller

    Precision Hydrographic Services have been invaluable to our work over the last 12 months. They have provided expert guidance in setting up and deploying our new Geoswath system. They have also, often on short notice, provided support in field data collection and have processed much of our swath data producing quality end products for our department and our clients. We look forward to a continued working relationship with Neil and his team into the future.

    David Miller, at Government of South Australia. Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.
  • Frans Schlack

    Precision Hydrographic Services have assisted the Pilbara Ports Authority by providing hydrographic surveying, tidal studies and quality control services. These services have led to a better understanding of the Port in relation to available depths and tide observations ultimately leading to a greater port capacity whilst improving safety for our visiting draft restricted vessels.

    Frans Schlack, Dredging Manager at Pilbara Ports Authority
  • David Donohue

    It is clear to me that I underestimated the complexity of the survey and in particular the amount of shallow, uncharted coastline that posed a very real danger of touching bottom on a daily basis. It was a very complex and technical survey to undertake safely and efficiently. I fully appreciate that many long hours were worked on a continual basis in order to complete the survey on time and the fact that we finished a few days early is a credit to you all.

    David Donohue, Managing Director at IXSURVEY Australia Pty Ltd
  • SA Power Networks

    We were extremely happy with the work that was done by PHS, they were really great to work with and helped us enormously as we were unsure of the scope of works we required, I would definitely recommend them.

    SA Power Networks, at SA Power Networks
  • Rhys Jones

    I have nothing but high praise for the professionalism and endeavour of the whole PHS team and cannot fault the quality of the work you completed. I’d also like to call out and particularly thank you for your flexibility in assisting with drawings, volume checks, layout checks, DUKC node checks etc – I know we had quite extensive requests that probably got a bit irritating at times, and could have been seen as beyond scope, so I just want to acknowledge that the extra assistance was invaluable to us and not forgotten.

    Rhys Jones, Project Manager at Rio Tinto
  • Michael Kuhn

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Precision Hydrographic Services for providing a guest speaker for our hydrographic surveying students. The talk from Mathieu was very informative and well suited to give our students some insight into hydrographic surveying and what projects and tasks they could work on. I am pleased to report since the talk several students have shown interest in pursuing a career as a hydrographic surveyor.

    Michael Kuhn, Associate Professor at Curtin University, Department of Spatial Sciences