About Us

About Us

Precision Hydrographic Services (PHS) was established in 2008 and have grown to become a leading hydrographic survey company, specialising in the acquisition, interpretation and reporting of seabed information.

PHS personnel are available to provide installation, operation and data processing assistance. Our team includes four in-house hydrographic surveyors certified at Level 1 with the Australian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel, who have a combined experience of over 60 years working in the marine environment conducting a vast range of hydrographic activities. Certification as a Level 1 Hydrographic Surveyor is the highest attainable level of professional hydrographic surveying certification. An additional five degree-qualified hydrographic surveyors/GIS with experience conducting hydrographic operations complete our survey team.

All projects undertaken by PHS are directed by a certified Level 1 Hydrographic Surveyor/Project Leader (CPHS1). This provides clients with complete confidence in our thorough understanding of the theoretical aspects of hydrographic surveys, as well as our extensive experience in managing complex projects and maintaining quality assurance principles.

We ensure our clients have a greater understanding of the marine environment they are operating in, to ensure strategic decision making and maximised productivity in executing marine projects. PHS have the expertise and resources to provide a range of hydrographic surveying operations with various data collection methods.

What is CPHS1?

PHS have been guided by the vision of providing an unmatched, personalised and certified hydrographic consultancy service.

Our Purpose

Our Vision is to be the preferred provider of hydrographic surveying services, renowned for our precise data collection and analysis, and providing clients with exceptional value, continuous innovation and lasting partnerships.

Our Mission is to assist our clients to gain a greater appreciation and understanding for the marine environments in which they operate in, by delivering high-quality and precise data to ensure strategic decisions can be made.

Our Values represent what we stand for as a business. They support our Vision and Mission by providing a set of principles which define our uniqueness, and affirm our responsible, social and ethical behaviour to contribute to the positive culture and success of the company.


We are qualified and experienced professionals establishing mutually trusting relationships with industry stakeholders.


Our leaders lead by example, respect their colleagues, display competence, build strong relationships and are available when needed. Our culture supports employee development, training and growth.


We are enthusiastic about producing high quality, accurate data within project timeframes. We have an unmatched personalised service, reporting credible, accurate and timely data.


Our team is a cohesive unit who support each other to work successfully.

Client Focus

We listen and provide our clients with the best solution for their needs. We place our client’s objectives at the heart of every aspect of our business.

Precision is paramount. Our name is testament to our precise data collection and analysis.

Our Team