Become a Hydrographer

Become a Hydrographer

By In News On May 20, 2015

Skills in high demand

The current economic future is very positive for hydrographic surveying. The shortage of skilled hydrographers is a global problem and there are ample jobs in a range of areas. Since hydrographic surveying remains a core factor in maritime developments, coastal zone management and maritime trade, career opportunities exist in various marine-related fields, industries and companies.

In countries where oil and gas exploration is extensively done offshore, the hydrographic surveyor has unlimited opportunities in the oil and gas industry. Combined with high oil prices, there is a stimulus to facilitate innovation within the field of hydrographic surveying.

Software and equipment development is taking place and has provided new career opportunities in less traditional markets, such as deep-water projects and ecological studies.

If you have completed your secondary education or if you are deciding on a career change, then you might consider a surveying career in hydrography. Read more here.

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