Dylan Colson

Dylan Colson

Dylan Colson is a degree qualified hydrographic surveyor with over five years experience in various areas of hydrographic surveying. He has experience in survey planning and execution on harbor dredging contracts and surveys requiring very high accuracy.

Dylan is a very competent hydrographic surveyor and is always ready for the challenge of working in what can sometimes be a demanding environment. Dylan manages projects and has the ability to solve complex problems to ensure the job is completed on time and with the desired outcome.

In December 2014 Dylan recently received his Level 1 Certification by the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel. This is a significant achievement for a hydrographic surveyor as it requires years of experience and a review of his work by a panel of experts. The SSSI and RiAus have recently commissioned a video which highlights the importance and significance of becoming a certified Level 1 or 2 hydrographic surveyor. View it here.

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