Case Study – PHS’ close encounter with Humpback whale

Case Study – PHS’ close encounter with Humpback whale

By In Case Studies On January 23, 2015

Our close encounter

PHS have recently completed a hydrographic survey campaign in a number of Western Australian ports. This campaign was in support of dredging, Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC ™) and general navigational safety where decimetre bathymetry was critical to both navigational safety and the ports enhanced efficiency. Using state of the art equipment and thorough GNSS height reduction survey methodology resulted in some outstanding results with some unexpected encounters.

The whale migration season occurs from June through to the end of October and is a time when Humpback whales reach their breeding grounds in the warm northern waters before returning back to the food-rich Southern Ocean. While it has already been proven that multibeam echosounders frequencies do not disturb Humpback whales, this close encounter demonstrated that the world’s largest mammal seemingly enjoyed listening to the sounding instruments!

Points cloud of a Humpback whale and its calf off the North West Australian coast.
Data obtained by PHS and reproduced courtesy of PPA.

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