Product Review – Tide Master

Product Review – Tide Master

By In Product Reviews On April 14, 2015

Tide Master

The Valeport Tide Master is an easy to use, versatile and robust tide gauge. The logging unit can be interfaced with either a pressure transducer or the latest Valeport VRS20 Radar sensor to log and transmit accurate tide measurements. The Tide Master has an additional input for an ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor.

The Tide Master can be used standalone with internal batteries for short period deployments of up to 12 months, or an external power source can be used for permanent installations.

VRS20 Radar Sensor

The system can be configured to transmit tides via Radio and GSM to software on vessels control towers or remote offices to provide a real time display of tide and wind information.

The advantages of the Tide Master:

  • Easily configurable via touch pad or PC
  • Remote configuration via radio telemetry or Bluetooth
  • Simple on site calibration process
  • Output of various data formats


  • Pressure Sensor        0.1% Full Scale
  • Radar Sensor             +/- 10mm

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