Floating Lidar

In development, ready for 2024

PHS is at the forefront of offshore wind studies. We offer innovative solutions and use floating lidar technology on an Australian-designed and built buoy. By combining our expertise in hydrographic surveys with advanced remote sensing techniques, PHS enables accurate and efficient assessment of wind resources, crucial for the development of offshore wind farms.

PHS deploys floating lidar systems on custom-designed buoys, strategically positioned in the offshore wind project area. These buoys are equipped with state-of-the-art lidar sensors capable of measuring wind speed, direction, and turbulence at various heights above the sea surface. The floating lidar technology provides highly reliable and continuous wind data, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional meteorological masts. PHS’s customised buoys are designed to withstand harsh offshore conditions. This ensures the collection of accurate and robust wind resource data throughout the project’s lifespan.

By using floating lidar on customised buoys, PHS facilitates comprehensive offshore wind studies. The collected data assists developers in making informed decisions regarding turbine positioning, layout optimisation, and energy yield assessments. With precise knowledge of wind conditions, developers can maximise the performance and profitability of their offshore wind farms. PHS’s innovative approach to offshore wind studies not only reduces project costs but can also accelerate the development process, contributing to the growth of clean and sustainable energy generation.

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