PHS Zephyr

PHS Zephyr is our custom-built, multi-purpose hydrographic survey vessel. It is equipped with state-of-the-art hydrographic survey equipment and used by survey professionals. Our hydrographic survey vessel can make the most of opportunities limited by tidal, weather, or time constraints.


The aptly named PHS Zephyr is road towable and capable of swift deployment, enabling rapid response times. Its large cabin and a working deck make it capable of operating multiple sensors simultaneously.

PHS Zephyr is a monohull-design survey vessel fitted with a thru-hull moon pool, deck winch and davit. These features have been included to enable combined survey operations of multibeam towed side scan and magnetometer. Furthermore, current transects can be conducted using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler deployed through the moon pool or overside. PHS Zephyr’s shallow draft and manoeuvrability means it is well suited to shallow water and port survey operations.

Hydrographic surveying can be a complex operation and the appropriate experience is required to produce a reliable, high-quality survey. Using PHS Zephyr, we can provide a complete coastal survey service. We use survey sensors from our extensive equipment pool which can be fixed to the survey vessel and facilitate rapid deployment to site. Employing the best equipment available is the key to the effective collection of data.

For more information on the PHS Zephyr, view the specifications.

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