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Spotlight On… Carolyn Hewitt

By In News On September 2, 2015

Carolyn Hewitt, Administration Manager

What is it like working for PHS?
I have been with the company from the very start, have supported Neil and seen how PHS has grown to be what it is today. It makes me very proud to be a part of. I like to think that I have helped in a ‘behind the scenes’ sort of way, to make us what we are today, even if I can’t be involved in the surveys. I think my strengths lie in being supportive and accessible to the team when they are in the field so that they can get on with providing a high quality service to our clients.

What do you like most about working for PHS?
The diversity of tasks I have to perform. There is usually a challenge somewhere which brightens up the mundane tasks that need to be done.

What are your hopes for the hydrography industry?
I would like to see a better understanding of hydrography and its important role in any country’s development. That would be my hope.

Favourite line from a movie?
“Life is like a box of chocolates”.

Do you have a favourite quote?
I don’t know if it is famous but someone not a million miles away often says “If it can go wrong, it will” and this always makes me smile.

Favourite travel spot and why?
A few years ago we had the chance to travel around Europe for a few weeks. Even though I grew up in the UK, I never had the opportunity to travel ‘The Continent’ and I was quite blown away by how much I enjoyed it. There is so much diversity that, as an Australian who can drive for days quite happily, it is remarkable that around almost every corner there is something new to look at – towns, ancient ruins, views and so much more and all in such close proximity to each other.

Motto or personal mantra?
Just keep pedalling, just keep pedalling.

What do you like to do on your days off?
I enjoy reading, movies and generally relaxing if it’s at all possible – when all the jobs are done and our daughter has fulfilled her social plans!

What places have you lived in?
Birmingham, Glasgow, Cambridge, Plymouth and Adelaide.

What’s on your bucket list?
To have no regrets.

What’s your favourite childhood memory?
Summers seemed to be pretty special. We had a lot of freedom even growing up in a big English city, which seems a little lost these days, but then, maybe that’s just a sign of my age!

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