Spotlight On… Dylan Colson

Spotlight On… Dylan Colson

By In News On June 23, 2015

Dylan Colson, Senior Hydrographic Surveyor

What has been your favourite project at PHS and why?
I quite enjoyed the project for Woodside Energy last year as it was my first as Level 1 surveyor in charge and I’m happy to say the project ran smoothly. We collected backscatter throughout the job and it was a little extra challenge that made the job a bit different. Other than that, the trip to Fiordland, NZ last year purely for the scenery – cruising the upper fiords in remote NZ while getting paid made a few people jealous!

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?
The project management side of things is something I am working on, so I guess it’s my newest challenge which is enjoyable. However, I always enjoy the mobilisation stage of a project, once everything is set up and working the way it should, and getting that confidence that the job has been done properly and we have the results to prove it. It’s a nice achievement before the other aspects of the project roll out.

Favourite travel spot and why?
I have a few, depending on the type of holiday I feel like – I really enjoyed Iceland for the scenery, China for the style of travel and overall experience, Germany for the beer culture, and you can’t go past Italy for the food. My last overseas holiday was to Vietnam which was a lot of fun, and actually combined all of the above. Plus I had some great company so that wuld have to be my favourite so far.

What is your hidden talent?
I used to be pretty interested in playing the guitar and writing songs. Back in the day I wrote something like 100 songs or so… however, many of them not great. I did play a couple of gigs while I was at uni but I never quite had a decent enough singing voice. I’m glad I had the experience though, as you can imagine you really put yourself out there playing a song you wrote and singing it in front of a bunch of strangers.

What music is on your playlist?
A mixture of new alternative and old classics – Arctic Monkeys, Augie March, Ball Park Music, Dan Kelly, The Panics, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.

You’re happiest when?
I try to get out to the mountains at home as often as possible – Neil can attest to that and it’s amazing how many times I have received a phone call about an upcoming job when I’m standing on the top of a mountain. I enjoy having the nights camping or in a hut, especially when you’re somewhere remote and you have a sunset or an entire vista to yourself.

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