PHS. Specialists in hydrographic surveying services.

Precision Hydrographic Services (PHS) is an Australian owned hydrographic surveying company operating from offices in Adelaide and Karratha.

PHS have grown to become a leading hydrographic surveying company, specialising in the acquisition, interpretation and reporting of seabed information. PHS map the physical features of oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and the adjacent land.

PHS provide high-quality hydrographic surveying services and support for port and harbour management, dredging operations, navigational safety, including DUKC® and critical under keel clearance, object detection and debris clearance, coastal infrastructure, environment and habitat mapping.

Hydrographic Surveying, also known as Hydrography, is the science of measurement and description of seabed features which affect maritime navigation, marine construction, dredging, oil exploration and drilling, pipeline damage assessment and related disciplines.

Hydrographic Surveying is an essential activity to an island nation such as Australia. It underpins maritime trade and is essential to support coastal infrastructure, resource exploration and export, environmental awareness and coastal zone management.

“The prosperity of an island nation depends greatly on the extent to which it achieves excellence in hydrography.”

Commodore R. Nairn RAN, Hydrographer of Australia, 2010.