Surveys for Pipeline, Cable and Subsea Infrastructure

Marine infrastructure including pipeline, cable, and subsea structures are crucial to offshore activities in oil and gas, energy, and telecommunications.

The information gained from hydrographic surveys is essential to a pipeline, cable, or subsea infrastructure project’s lifecycle; from the planning and installation stage to the ongoing maintenance and monitoring, as well as ensuring position integrity.

For new pipeline and cable lay projects, detailed information of the seabed is required for many reasons, including the suitability of the proposed route and positioning, identifying the impact to the environment, as well as reducing and avoiding costly interventions in the future. We offer solutions to local and international regulatory standards.

PHS use survey vessels equipped with modern survey equipment and acoustic instrumentation, including side scan sonars, multibeam echo sounders, sub-bottom profilers, and magnetometers, which can operate from nearshore to full ocean depth.

Services we offer include:

  • Route and site surveys

  • As built surveys

  • Real-time positioning

  • Ongoing monitoring surveys

  • Sediment and seabed sampling

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