Our Team

Our Team

What distinguishes Precision Hydrographic Services is the calibre of our people. We care about building great relationships within our team.

We value our employees and want them to grow and develop throughout their careers. Our commitment to training and development is rooted in the belief that our employees deserve to work in a job that helps them learn and grow. We invest in and deliver professional and personal growth opportunities during every employee’s tenure with us.

We take pride in the fact that all projects undertaken by PHS are directed by a certified Level 1 Hydrographic Surveyor (CPHS1). This is the highest standard of professionalism. It enables our clients to have confidence in our thorough understanding of the theoretical aspects of hydrographic surveys, as well as our extensive experience in managing complex projects and maintaining quality assurance principles. It assures our commitment to excellence. PHS has four Level 1 qualified professionals and two Level 2 professionals. We encourage and support each of our surveyors to achieve certification.

Take comfort knowing your trust in our people is the right decision.

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