Offshore Wind

PHS is an Australian provider of comprehensive solutions for the offshore wind development industry. With our expertise in seabed mapping, PHS plays a crucial role in supporting the pre-feasibility and planning phases of offshore wind projects. Our range of services includes geophysical surveys and environmental assessments, all of which are essential for successful and sustainable offshore wind farm development.

PHS specialises in conducting accurate and detailed seabed investigations. Our geophysical surveys involve mapping the seafloor and identifying potential hazards, such as submerged structures or geological features that could impact the installation or operation of wind turbines. In collaboration with geotechnical investigations, PHS assesses the seabed’s composition and stability, acquiring information for engineers to determine the most suitable foundation solutions for the wind turbines. Additionally, PHS conducts environmental assessments to evaluate the potential ecological impacts of the wind farm, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and minimising any adverse effects on marine life.

With our expertise and comprehensive range of services, PHS is a trusted partner for the offshore wind development industry. Our seabed investigation services enable developers to make informed decisions, optimise the design and construction processes, and mitigate risks associated with offshore wind projects. By providing accurate data and valuable insights, PHS contributes to the successful implementation of sustainable and efficient offshore wind farms, ultimately supporting the growth of clean and renewable energy sources.

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